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When I moved from Pennsylvania all the way to South Florida, one of the few things I missed, was my H&M store. 
Now I'm more than happy to say, we have plenty of locations to choose from! and after tomorrow, there will be one more to add to the group!! #woohoo

This Thursday, May the 29th a new huge location will be opening at  Miami International Mall and by noon, its doors will be open to the public. H&M, Hennes & Mauritz company, is the very first fashion company to create a "Global Garment Recycling Program" in which customers and H&M lovers, can help save our natural resources and contribute reducing environmental impact, by donating old and unwanted pieces of clothing of any brand. H&M will do the recycling for you and will reward your green conscious contribution with 15% OFF from your entire purchase for each bag of clothes you don't wear anymore. Take a look at this Video [If you would like to know more about it, H&M Sustainability Program]
Tomorrow, be ready to refresh your wardrobe and come to the New Store Grand Opening BEFORE NOON; bring all the garments you wish to donate to get your 15% discount, plus a chance to win a H&M gift-card valued between $50 & $100. 
Stop by, say hi! and do some fashion forward, budget friendly, and now environmentally conscious shopping! Be one of the first 100 shoppers in-line and you'll get a free t-shirt and an "Access To Fashion Pass" valued from $10 to $300. And YES! All in addition to the Sustainability Program offers I just mentioned. 
Hard to miss, right?! Hope to see you there so we can shop and help preserve our planet at the same time!

Hugs & Love,


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