As I mentioned on my previous post, Art Basel is an art show that congregates contemporary and modern art from all over the world. It was celebrated here in Miami the first week of december and I wanted to share with you a few, or maybe more than few,  of my favorite pieces of the show. 
To those who didn't have the opportunity to assist and enjoy contemporary art, I absolutely recommend you to pay a visit next year; this has been my third year and I have to say that it gets better every time, more creative, more interesting & fascinating. I hope you enjoy this post as much I did Art Basel!
Sweet regards,
Tala Del

Como mencioné en el post anterior, Art Basel es una feria internacional de arte moderno contemporáneo que se celebra la primera semana de diciembre en Miami. Después de mi visita de éste año, quería compartir con ustedes  algunas de mis obras favoritas del show. 
Para quienes no tuvieron la oportunidad de asistir y disfrutan del arte contemporáneo, les recomiendo que piensen en visitar la feria en el 2014; ésta ha sido mi tercera visita y tengo que decir que cada  año es mejor, más creativa e interesante. Espero que disfruten el post tanto como yo disfruté la feria!
Dulces saludos,
Tala Del

BUCKETFEET, artist designed footwear.
AUDREY KAWASAKI, a favorite of mine for years now. Her japanese background shows through her very unique style. Beautiful work. Oil on wood.
NYCHOS THE WEIRD, an urban artist known for his "Rabbit eye movement" showcases his famous deconstructing art, which is incredibly accurate with human and animal anatomy. A new found artist for me, his twisted but strangely amazing work did it for me.

For more artist information go to www.artbasel.com

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